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'Argh!' by Tim Quinn

Tim’s work will be known to comic readers everywhere, especially fans of Doctor Who where his strip (in collaboration with artist Dicky Howett) Doctor Who? featured in Doctor Who Magazine for over a decade.
But he and Dicky didn’t just contribute to Doctor Who Magazine, they also provided comic strips for a number of Marvel, DC Thompson and IPC comics, developing a unique and edgy style as they went on, often upsetting editors along the way with with their refusal to allow good taste to get in the way of a good joke.
Before and after this decade-long partnership, Tim has had a colourful life starting out early as a clown and going on to be a stage manager, editor, publisher, manager, director and producer as well as helping to launch Marvel in the UK during the eighties.
Tim’s memoir is a cautionary tale of dealing with corporate mentality in a creative industry, facing opposition from marketing departments, editors and bosses generally. ‘We need to be careful here...’ being a phrase often repeated.
Tim’s book is fully illustrated and comes with a FREE copy of ‘Drawing Breath’ by Dicky Howett.


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