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Miwk Publishing was founded in June 2011 and is run by Matt West and Robert Hammond with a view to providing books with niche interests to relevant fandoms. We specialise in film and television books though occasionally we will stray into other territories.

Several of our titles are produced to benefit charities (such as Maximum Power! and Justyce Served) and we’re always interested to hear about any ideas you’d like to present to us. We can be contacted on info@miwkpublishing.com and will carefully consider all titles proposed.

Our 2013 schedule is already full (though the titles aren’t all announced yet) and we’re looking to 2014 / 2015 now.

Please take a moment to browse our catalogue and remember that all our titles are always cheaper to buy directly from us than they are from other sources.

All the best,

The Miwk Men

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