Flight Risks

Flight Risks

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September, 2001.  On the morning America comes under attack, four dark-eyed men die in a spectacular crash on a desert freeway. Overshadowed by larger events in New York, the incident goes unnoticed.

October, 2001, Victoria, Canada.  For legal secretary Grace Palliser, the War on Terror is just background noise. Twenty-four years ago, her father shot her mother and then killed himself. Today, Grace’s life is a torment of nightmares, prescription drugs and an ongoing custody fight to regain custody of her five-year-old daughter. Preoccupied with her own troubles, Grace just wants to live quietly and concentrate on her job.

But when she accidentally stumbles on a vast international fraud, she unwittingly puts herself in the crosshairs of a sinister lawyer and his murderous associate, a corrupt former cop. In a grisly succession of horrors, her closest friend dies in a suspicious fire, a police detective is gunned down before her eyes, and the firm’s senior partner is bludgeoned to death just minutes before a pre-arranged meeting with Grace. Planted evidence implicates her in her friend’s death, and with clear evidence of her presence at the other two crime scenes, the police name her as their prime suspect.

Terrified, Grace goes on the run.

The lawyer and the ex-cop are hot on her trail – but, unlike the police, they know exactly how to make Grace come to them.

They abduct her daughter.

With the net tightening, and with only her wits to rely on, Grace Palliser embarks on an epic journey from the genteel avenues of Victoria to the sheer granite cliffs of British Columbia’s Coast Range Mountains, then across the continent to the Florida Panhandle, to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean Sea… and, finally, back to British Columbia for a final showdown with the malign and shadowy figures who have tried to destroy her life.

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