Ian Dickerson

Ian was just nine years old when he discovered the Saint. He’s not been the same since: the Saint on TV led to the Saint books, which led to the Saint radio shows and the Saint comics and yes, even the Saint films--though he’s still trying to forget the last one.

Amidst the education he struck up a friendship with the Saint’s creator, Leslie Charteris and his family. With their permission he spent six weeks studying the Leslie Charteris collection at Boston University and went on to write, direct and produce documentaries on the making of The Saint and Return of the Saint which have been released on DVD. He oversaw the recent reprints of almost fifty of the original Saint books in both the US and UK and was a co-producer on the 2013 TV pilot for a new series of The Saint.

He’s written two previous books, The Saint on TV (Hirst, 2011) and The Saint on the Radio (Purview Press, 2015). He’s currently hard at work on several other books, some of which do not mention Messrs Charteris or Templar.

For the sake of what little sanity he has Ian has also written about a wide range of subjects, none of which come with a halo, including talking mashed potatoes, Lord Grade and satellite links.

Ian lives in Hampshire with his wife and two children. And an awful lot of books by Leslie Charteris.

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