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DAMAGED - All Memories Great and Small
Spine has a tear, but book and pages are intact. ..
DAMAGED - Justyce Served
Book is fine, but it's just gone a bit 'wavy' from cold storage. I mean, I could sign it... but i..
DAMAGED - The Invisible Man Diaries Complete
These are either cover-scuffed or have page trimming issues (which can be corrected with scissors if..
Spine, contents and binding are all okay, but the front cover page has some tearing where it stuck t..
DAMAGED - Totally Tasteless
A couple of copies of the hardback edition. They have an odd curviture to them after a fire alarm en..
DAMAGED - Whoah!
Cover is faded from being used in a window display. Contents and binding are otherwise as new. ..
Rivers of London - SPECIAL OFFER!
Ben Aaronovitch's 'Rivers of London' has not only spawned three sequels, but also a successful comic..

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